What are the system requirements of the Owl’s host computer?

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

  • The Owl is USB UVC 1.1, UAC 1 compatible and works with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. The Owl has been tested to work with USB-C ports using these approved cables and adapters.
  • The Owl will work on the following Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7 or higher (How do I check?
    • OSX 10.8 or higher (How do I check?)
    • Chrome OS (How do I check?)
    • Limited Support on Ubuntu 16.04 or higher (some video applications will work, others may not); may work on other Linux-based systems

The Owl is not compatible with mobile devices because most video conferencing platforms do not support external cameras in the mobile versions of their apps. This is an unfortunate limitation of Android and iOS versions of video conferencing platforms and is not related to the Owl.

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