How do I control the Meeting Owl?

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

You can find the following buttons on the base of the Owl:


(note: Image is of the Meeting Owl) 

  • mute_icon.png Mute Button (Located on the sides of the Meeting Owl.): This will mute Owl’s audio. When Owl is muted you will see the following icon on your video conferencing platform screen, and you will see red lights illuminated on the base of the Owl.


  • + / - Volume Up/Down Buttons (Located on either side of the Meeting Owl.): These buttons will control the volume of Meeting Owl’s speaker. You will hear a tone when these buttons are pressed.
  • Owl_Button.png Option Button (Located above the USB and power cables):
    • (Meeting Owl) This button toggles the Speaker Spotlight animation.By default, the animation that is used to highlight active speaker is smart combination of slide animations and straight cuts. You can change this animation to be a straight cut view all the time by pressing and holding the Owl button located on the base of the Owl until you hear a tone, approximately 2 seconds. When this animation is selected, the light above the Owl button will illuminate blue.
    • (Meeting Owl Pro) Advanced troubleshooting.

From the app, you can control the focus of the Meeting Owl camera using the Camera Lock feature of the app.

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