Why do I need a Meeting HQ?

This article applies to the Meeting HQ

The Meeting HQ is an all-in-one meeting room solution that pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro to start video conferencing meetings quickly with the push of a button — and without plugging into an external computer.

The Meeting HQ and the Meeting Owl Pro are the only pieces of equipment you need to make your meeting room fully connected. By setting up the Meeting HQ in your meeting rooms, it becomes faster and easier to book and start your video conferencing meetings.

With the Meeting HQ and the Meeting Owl Pro, you can outfit any meeting room for seamless video conferencing. The Meeting Owl Pro connects to your organization’s Google or Office 365 Calendar room booking system so you can reserve a meeting space for your Zoom or Google Meet (with a Google Workspace account) meeting, walk into the room, and start your meeting with one click.

Unlike other meeting room solutions, the Meeting HQ’s proprietary Quick Start software subscription lets your team hold meetings using multiple different video conferencing platforms, giving you the flexibility to meet with internal team members and external customers and partners.


  • Reduces time and friction when starting meetings: The Meeting HQ integrates with your calendar booking system and your video conferencing software to expedite your time-to-meeting. It makes it fast and easy to start meetings with the push of a button — instead of connecting to a personal computer.
  • Gives you flexibility to use multiple video conferencing platforms: The Meeting HQ is interoperable so you can switch between Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms to meet with customers and external partners.
  • Reduces conference room equipment: The Meeting HQ and the Meeting Owl Pro are the only pieces of equipment you need for your meeting room to be fully connected for video conferencing. These devices are easy to set up and reduce the number of cables in your conference room for your team to manage.

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