What is required to use my Meeting HQ?

This article applies to the Meeting HQ

Hardware requirements:

  • Included in box:
    • Meeting HQ
    • Lock Screw
    • Owl Adapter  
    • AC/DC power brick with DC line cord
    • 12 foot AC cable
    • 3 foot DC extender cable (optional - found in box with Lock Screw and Owl Adapter)
  • Not included:
    • Meeting Owl Pro
    • HDMI cable 
    • In room TV or Monitor

Meeting Requirements:

  • A Google Workspace or Office 365 account. This will come with a calendar and room booking system. 
    • A Google Workspace account can also be used to start new Google Meet meetings on your Meeting HQ.
    • Although Office 365 is supported as a calendar system on the Meeting HQ, Microsoft Teams is not a supported video conferencing platform on the Meeting HQ.
  • Monthly recurring subscription to proprietary Meeting HQ software. Initial payment for this subscription is collected during Meeting HQ activation when you are setting up your Meeting HQ for the first time.

Optional Meeting Requirements:

  • Zoom account (you will need one account for each Meeting HQ). This will allow you to start meetings from your Meeting HQ.

You will be able to join scheduled meetings on our supported video conferencing platforms.

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