How do I set up WFH Scheduler?

To set up WFH Scheduler follow these steps.

  1. Log in at From there, you can either create a new Household or find a household you’ve been invited to join. (You’ll also receive an email if you’ve been invited to join a Household).
  2. You can invite members of your household to join you on WFH Scheduler with their email address, or invite them later.
  3. Start creating your first schedule for a workspace in your home or a responsibility that needs coverage throughout the day. You can choose from the options on the dropdown or create your own schedule. 
  4. Once you’ve created your first schedule, click the plus sign (+) to start booking time on the schedule. These bookings will be shared with all members of your household.
  5. You can keep adding additional schedules for different workspaces and responsibilities to share with members of your household.
  6. Click the dropdown arrow on a schedule to view when a member of your household has booked the space or assigned you to a responsibility.

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