Audio is dropping out for remote participants

MOP_and_MO_small.png This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl.

If your remote participants are hearing audio drop outs, or if the volume is lowering and raising, Please check the following:

If the above conditions are met, try the following:

  • You may have a bad connection on your call. Try having local and remote participants disconnect and reconnect to the video conference call.
  • You may have a bad network connection. If using Wi-Fi, try changing the Wi-Fi network of your conference call computer, or switching to ethernet.
  • Try having each remote participant mute their microphones one at a time. If the problem goes away when one participant is muted, it means that there is too much background noise coming from that participant. Remove the source of background noise, or have them put on headphones for the call.
  • Try changing video conferencing platforms. Some platforms have gain control that will cause the volume to go up and down as it searches for a proper level
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