How to turn on noise suppression on the Owl

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

Most office environments work best with Meeting Owl’s noise suppression feature turned Off

However, if your Owl is in a room with constant, unchanging sources of background noise, such as an HVAC system, remote participants may hear the background noise. Turning on noise suppression in the Meeting Owl app will address this issue.

To enable noise suppression in the Meeting Owl app, try the following:

  1. Download or open the Meeting Owl app
  2. Meeting Owl Pro: Determine what version of software is on your Owl. Owls on version or below will need to be updated before you can use this feature. Using this feature on older versions will negatively impact the Owls microphones and a software update will be necessary.
    1. Select your Owl from the Nearby Owls list.
    2. Select About your Owl.
    3. Under Version, view Software Version.
  3. Ensure that your Meeting Owl App is updated to the latest version. Improvements were made to iOS app version 2.9.2(3) and Android app version 2.5.1(5) to support this feature.
  4. Select your Owl from the Nearby list.
  5. Select About your Owl.
  6. Under Admin - Default Camera Settings, select Audio Settings.
  7. Toggle Enable noise suppression On.

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