There is a lag in Meeting Owl's Speaker Spotlight performance

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

The Owl learns where people are sitting in the room. If a new person sits at the table, or if you speak, then move to another location and speak again, it can take up to 5 seconds for the video to switch. Switching may take longer the further away you are sitting from the Owl. For testing purposes, we recommend testing with multiple people in the room with the Owl.

Please note that the Owl’s Auto Focus behavior is not meant to track presenters as they move across the room. For constant presenter tracking on the Meeting Owl Pro’s main stage, try enabling Presenter Enhance in the Meeting Owl app.

If there is a lag in highlighting the active speaker or speakers, please try the following.

  1. (Meeting Owl) Update your Meeting Owl software if you are on or below.
  2. (Meeting Owl Pro) Update your Meeting Owl Pro software if you are on or below.
  3. Make sure the following is true for best Speaker Spotlight performance:
  • Participants are sitting close enough to the Owl. Try moving a maximum of:
    • 6 ft (2m) away from Meeting Owl. 
    • 9 ft (3m) away from Meeting Owl Pro.
  • Participants are speaking loud and clear. Especially if participants are wearing masks, as this could affect speaker spotlight performance.
  • Participants are speaking towards the Owl. If speaking towards a wall, the audio will not give a clear direction for Owl to focus on.

Reverb can also cause a lag in performance.  Reverb is the persistence of sound after a sound is produced. It sounds cavernous to the remote participant, as if the participants in the room with the Owl are speaking in a hall or a cave. 

  • Try moving to a room without many hard surfaces, such as a room with carpets, couches, drop ceilings, or furniture.
  • If problem is resolved, try using audio dampening acoustic panels on the walls of the original room.

Certain types of background noise could cause the Owl’s Speaker Spotlight performance to slow down a little. If problem persists, try removing the source of background noise.

If there is a lag in highlighting the active speaker or speakers when using Owl Connect, troubleshoot this issue further.

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