I don’t see my Owl in the Nearby Owls screen of the app on my iOS device

MOP_and_MO_small.pngThis article applies to the Meeting Owl and Meeting Owl

If you do not see your Owl in the Nearby screen of the Meeting Owl App, check the following:

  • You are on the latest version of your Meeting Owl App. If your app is on version 1.9.0 or below, and your Meeting Owl software is up to date, your Owl will not appear in this list.
  • There is nobody else connected to your Meeting Owl. Only one person can connect to the Meeting Owl at a time.
  • Your mobile device has Bluetooth®️ turned on.
    • When prompted by the app, go to Settings > Bluetooth > On.

If problem persists, try the following:

If problem persists, contact Owl Labs support.

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