How to shift the 360° Panoramic Strip in the Meeting Owl App

MOP_and_MO_small.png This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

You are now able to shift the focus of the Meeting Owl's 360° panoramic strip to your desired location using the Meeting Owl app. This feature is available on: 

In order to shift the Meeting Owl Pro’s panoramic strip, follow the steps below:

  1. Start a meeting in your video conferencing platform. You will need to be streaming video to see the Panoramic strip.
  2. Open the Meeting Owl App
  3. Select your Owl from the Nearby list
  4. Select About your Owl
  5. Scroll down to Shift Panorama Center
  6. Select Start
  7. While viewing the video output in your platform, scroll the slider in the app to move the Panoramic strip to your desired location. We recommend placing the monitor so that it is split on either end of the Panoramic strip.


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