Captive Portal Detected when connecting to Wi-Fi on Meeting Owl Pro

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro

If you see a pop up that says Captive Portal Detected when connecting to Wi-Fi, follow the steps below. You will need your network credentials. 

Captive portal connections are not recommended for long term connection since captive portal network authentication expires regularly which will require that you re-authenticate using the Meeting Owl app.

Android: Captive portals are not currently supported on Android devices. Please try connecting with an iOS device, if available.


  1. When you see the Captive Portal Detected pop-up, select Authenticate Captive Portal
  2. Select 1. Join Owl’s WiFi Network
  3. When prompted, select Join to allow the Meeting Owl app to join the Owl’s Wi-Fi network.
  4. On the next screen, sign in to your network’s captive portal, and agree to any terms and conditions. 

Your sign in page will look unique to your company.

  1. After successfully logging in, select Done on the top right.
  2. Select 3. Check the Connection
  3. Select Continue

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