How do I check what software version my Owl is on?

This article applies to the  Meeting OwlMeeting Owl Pro, and Whiteboard Owl

To determine what version of software is on your Owl, there are two options. Through the Meeting Owl mobile app or The Nest. Follow these steps when using the Meeting Owl mobile app:

  1. Open the Meeting Owl app and select your Owl from the Nearby list.
  2. Select About your Owl.
  3. Under Version, view Software Version.

When logged in The Nest, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Devices tab on the left-side menu
  2. Search for your Owl’s serial number on the top left, which is located on the bottom of the Owl and begins with an “M1”, "M2", or “W1”.
  3. Find the Software Version column

To see the latest version, check your Owl’s software release notes:

  1. Meeting Owl software release notes
  2. Meeting Owl Pro software release notes
  3. Whiteboard Owl software release notes

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