Can I use external microphones or extender microphones with the Owl?

MOP_and_MO_small.png This article applies to the Meeting Owl and Meeting Owl Pro.

Currently, we do not have extender microphones to go with the Owl.

  • Meeting Owl's 8-microphone array can pick up audio in a 12' radius around the Meeting Owl.
  • Meeting Owl Pro's 8-microphone array can pick up audio in an 18' radius around the Meeting Owl.

If you need additional range, it's OK to use an external microphone in place of the Owl's microphones. Please note that there is no guarantee that echo cancellation will work correctly in this configuration, as echo cancellation will need to be performed by the video conferencing platform. 3rd party external microphones have not been tested.

notepad.pngYou must use the Owl's speaker. If there is an external source of audio like a separate speaker, the Owl will focus its video on the source of audio instead of local participants.

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