Privacy and Security details

This article applies to the Meeting Owl, Meeting Owl Pro, and Whiteboard Owl.

How we stream audio and video:

  • We stream audio and video to the host computer via USB. While using Owl Connect, the audio and video streams are shared over an encrypted and password protected peer to peer Wi-Fi connection. The credentials for this connection are never shared beyond the Owl Pair.

We use a cryptographically signed key for software builds.

  • Our software is signed with a private cryptographic key, which is stored on an encrypted and physically secured removable disk drive that is only unlocked when building a new software release.
  • Owl Labs builds software releases with a tightly secured and monitored process.
  • An Owl will only install an Over the Air software update if the release has been signed with this secure key.  Any other update attempt will be discarded by the system.

We DO NOT record any video or audio content.

  • When connected to Wifi, the Meeting Owl sends basic analytics data back to our servers. It does not record, collect or transmit any video or audio data.

The data is stored securely.

  • Data is sent via HTTPS with TLS/SSL to our central server, hosted securely. Data can only be accessed by full-time employees of Owl Labs.
  • Whiteboard Capture images are sent to our server and held there for the duration of the meeting. They are deleted from our server 2 hours after the meeting ends.

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