How do I pay for my Meeting HQ subscription after setup?

This article applies to the Meeting HQ

During Meeting HQ setup, you were prompted to input your Billing Information into the Nest. If you were not the cardholder, you may have bypassed this step by selecting "Not the one with the card?" at the bottom, and inputted your Billing Manager's email address. 

After bypassing this step during setup, your organization has a 7-day grace period to complete the Billing Information in the Nest.

Follow the steps below to complete the payment process after setup:

  1. Your Billing Manager should have received an email from Owlbert with a link to the Billing Page in the Nest, where they can enter their billing information.
    1. If your Billing Manager does not see this email in their inbox, they should check their Spam or Junk folders. 
  2. If your Billing Manager was unable to access the Billing Page in the Nest through the link in this email, this could mean that they aren't an Administrator in the Nest. 
    1. If this is the case, have the Nest Administrator for your organization either make them an Admin, or input the Billing Information on the Billing Page directly.
  3. Alternatively, your Billing Manager can visit the Billing Page by logging into the Nest and selecting "Billing" from the panel on the left.
  4. Once your Billing Manager has navigated to the Billing Page, they can fill out the payment information in the "Replace Payment Method" window.

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